GD for the Web

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 GDfW

The Hyperlink

Although it is now ubiquitous, the hyperlink is the most radical feature of the internet. You will consider how to use the hyperlink for creative ends. The ability to hyperlink web pages together allows for all kinds of complex new readings.
Select a a visual composition or a text. Determine a way to break your composition down into meaningful units (paragraphs, sentences, words or blocks of imagery, etc…). Now weave these distinct units together using many html pages and hyperlinks. Allow for user choice, branching structures, loops, etc… The linking does not have to follow a linear sequence. See if you can produce new readings and new ways of traversing your composition. When linking different parts of the composition together, think of the meaning of each link. Are they linking between similar content? Similar characters? Similar actions? Are the meaning of links consistent across all of your pages? Do you have different types of links? How could these different types of links be indicated?
You may include additional material in the webpages if they add meaning to your sequences of links.

This project is due in two weeks.

Next week in class we will have a working session and desk crits. Please prepare:
– diagram or site map that shows hos each unit of your composition will link to every other part
– page template(s)

due in 1 week: site map, page template
due in 2 weeks: final


– to consider how hyperlinking changes the act of reading
– to consider how the structure and navigation of a website affects meaning
– to explore the potential for complex hyperlinked structures
– to design a webpage by focusing on the hypertext link