GD for the Web

Assignment 3

Single Serve Site

For this assignment you will build a Single Serve Site. A single Serve Site is typically defined as a website that consists of a url and a single page.

In particular, I want you to pay attention to a particular interaction for this site. We will be learning jQuery and Javascript, which will let you build a page that reacts to the user’s input.

Think of typical web-elements: scroll-bars, the infinite scroll, forms, buttons, boxes, etc. Can you create an interesting single page focusing on a single one of those elements, or a single interaction? Begin by picking one or two actions typically performed in a browser: Point, Click, Drag, Hover, Move, Scroll, Pinch, Swipe, Pan, Zoom, Select, Type, Tab, Open, Close, Resize, Listen, Speak, Wait (usually for adds to finish), Save


This is an open assignment, so have fun and explore.


Examples of sites:

Essay on single serve websites

More interactive


Less interactive

Rafaeël Rozendaal!/main