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A3 part 1, Assignment 3 / Qun: Prj 3 stage 1

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R1 / Week 1 Reading questions

1. “They work towards the glorification of the web and the spirit that constructs it. They work for no rewards other than the credibility bestowed on them by fellow suffers. “ How you you view the those identities as the “monks”?
2.  Should memes itself become a new language system like the emojis?
3.  Are memes abused? How do we view identity and authorship in memes

R2 / Week 2 reading questions

1. Dan Graham observed: “if a work of art wasn’t written about and reproduced in a magazine it would have difficulty attaining the status of ‘art’. It seemed that in order to be defined as having value, that is as ‘art’, a work had only to be exhibited in a gallery and then to be written about and reproduced as a photograph in an art magazine.” How do you view the criteria of art relating to internet art nowadays?
2. Does internet truly serves as a way of documentation, if so what do you think about the future existence of the internet?
3. Birth and death of an archive ?

A1 part 2 / Qun:Assignment 1.2







#1: Emoji lyrics through messages

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# 2: Tumblr Memes

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Absolutepunk, a space for people to share lyrics and poetries.

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A1 part 1, Assignment 1 / Qun: Assignment 1

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