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Esther Kim

A4 final, Assignment 4 / Final Project (Assignment4)

Final Project

Presentations / Public/Private


Presentation notes

A3 part 2, Assignment 3 / Mallarme

Assignment 3

A3 part 1, Assignment 3 / Scattered Thoughts?

Rough Draft Screenshot


At first, I want to create a page where random thoughts fill the page completely, where the users have to try to find certain words.  However, I wasn’t sure where my the design aspect of it. Then, I try to mimic things I think about throughout the day or things I hear or see. They tend to become a blur as time goes. I made the words scramble once they are clicked on.

Rough Draft

A2 part 2, Assignment 2 / The Plain Sense of Things

Assignment 2

A1 part 2, Assignment 1 / Assignment 1 Final






A1 part 1, Assignment 1 / Assignment 1 Draft


Example 1aExample 1b Example 1c


Example 2


R1 / 3 questions

  • Current generation involves a lot of internet, and it influences a lot of people everyday. Therefore, how and why do we react to new waves of influences online and adapt to them when it can be stepping out of “average society rules”? (It may be an obvious question, but people tends to get involve physically and mentally with this connection that can be “felt” by emotions and leaves traces visually. It can easily turn messy and cruel.)
  • What would be actually remain or represent the original user or the purpose once it is exposed to public? (Physically and abstractly speaking)
  • There is always fine line of invading privacy. What apples to the gray area between private and public?

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