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A4 final, A4 part 3 / havens final

A3 Final / haven’s final

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A3 part 2 / haven

R1 / Reading Questions

1. The question of ‘trust’ should be put under duress, is there an educated viewer or is the the ‘action’,  ‘liberation’ and performativity of searching the only criteria highly regarded as a means of being a witness?
2. Is the ‘universal’ quality of the memes leading us to the loss of the individual ethics (e.g. Tina Fey, “it’s funny because it’s true”)
3. If emoji’s have left language and image on the same platform— however a certain stylistic emoji is owned by a certain company , does this point us to our own social identity, prejudices, and our own privileges?

R2 / Seth Price “Dispersion” Reading questions

1. Under the premise of “institutional protection” contemporary art has, can art ever be subversive? How can one define subversion now?

2. As Internet as the medium (the “rhizomatic utopia”) how can artist stop the constant recuperation fro the national bourgeoise culture? What are some strategies?

3. Can you deem “Daniel Pearl Video” as a work of art? Since it has qualities of narrative (time based), political agency, mass distribution, and revealing potency to pose a question for the audience of their own ethics?

A1 part 2 / Dearest Mademoiselles

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A1 part 1 / yahoo answers

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