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Sarah Mohammadi

A4 final, Assignment 4 / 39,000

The airplane exemplifies the concept of liminal space. On a daily basis passengers move through its halls in a physical and mental state of transition. As they focus on the experiences awaiting them in other regions, little thought is directed to the space in which they temporarily inhabit. However, sonic features, such as the ding of the airplane, welcome announcements and the hum of the airplane serve as markers for this particular environment. These sounds amplify the fact that this liminal space is often a transitional point between spaces. This site is a sensory interface that aims to reposition the viewer within the space of transition. By hover over the fragments of images, sonic features accumulate and overlap, creating a sense of dislocation. As the viewer moves further to the right, the shift in language once more creates an environment of ambiguity and disconnection.



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A3 Final, Assignment 3 / Screenscape


A3 part 2, Assignment 3 / screenscape


A3 part 1, Assignment 3 / Single Serve Website Concepts

  1. Break Time // Looking for a moment of space from the amount of pages open on my desktop, I wanted this site to be a space where one can take a moment to relax. My plan is to have the mouse freeze and restart the timer if the viewer attempts to move to do other work.

SM_BreakTime-01 SM_BreakTime-02 SM_BreakTime-03 SM_BreakTime-04 SM_BreakTime-05 SM_BreakTime-06


2. Fortune Cookie // translating a real experience into the digital space, click to crack open the cookie, random sayings will appear

FortuneCookie-02 FortuneCookie-03


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