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Hyein posted in R3

1. Can one apply the idea of “infinite narrative” in the reading to internet games? In internet games, each characters are able to experience different stories or endings by completing different tasks. (I think I read it from Lev monarch’s Database.)
2. When we navigate through hyperlinks on the internet, is it our pure decisions or  intended by someone?
3. In the reading, there are multiple stories layered multiple times. It feels like, go deep into one of the story(Tsui pen’s story) and come out to the story on the outer layer(History of World War 1). Readers experience layers of stories and link it together. Are we experience this while surfing websites? Can we call it a narrative? Or just fragments of information?

Tina posted in R3

1. In a labyrinth structure, is it important to visit every existing corner? Or is the experience of finding possible corners more important?

2. Most stories have a linear timeline–beginning, middle and end. How does having a branch structure affect the story?

3. Viewers can get perpetually lost in websites with too many hyperlinks(ex. Wikipedia, Youtube: “I’m in the weird side of Youtube again”) and end up somewhere far from where they began. What are ways to help guide the viewer to the “end” or back to the beginning?