GD for the Web


Hyein posted in R7

1. What is the idea of “original” on the web? If we collect things(e.images) from the web and the “original” one is disappeared on the web, does it mean that we own original one?
2. “…The sharing of data – that is, the fact that a memory of ours can be retrieved, manipulated, and used by others – is merely one side of the story, and the less problematic one. The other is that our personal and collective memory is regulated and controlled by the logics of the algorithm and the database, and thus becomes part of an enor-mous archive that is first and foremost a power system.”
Are memories real? Or are they created by surroundings that is setting by someone else?
3. Does collection from the internet become more valuable because contents are possibly disappear? The storage of time and space is unlimited on the web but what makes things disappear on the web faster?

Tina posted in R7

1. why do people want to archive data
2. what is it about the digital age that allows us to re appropriate and look at archived information differently
3. what does it mean to curate something on the internet