GD for the Web


In Class Exercise Day 1

Your First HTML

the text editor

We will be using Sublime Text in class.
Some good text editors are: TextWrangler, Smultron, Sublime Text, textmate, Aptana, and Dreamweaver.

Getting Started

  • creating a .html file
  • what does HTML stand for
  • HTML is a formatting language, not a programming language)
  • the bare bones html page contains 4 tags: doctype, html, head and body
  • opening and closing tags
  • adding some tags to the head <title>
  • a good snippet to add <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" /> and<meta charset=utf-8>
  • adding some tags to the body <h1>headers</h1>, <h6>sub-headers</h6> and <p>paragraphs</p>
  • opening an HTML with the browser and seeing the output
  • basic text formatting bold and italics
  • notice that tags are nesting!
  • a little about browsers (usage on wikipedia)
  • different browsers display HTML differenlty, and not all browsers support all tags
  • putting your file online
  • servers, nodes and clients
  • ip addresses
  • urls and http://
  • hosting a site (at risd)
  • getting an ftp program (Filezilla)
  • uploading your files
  • pointing the browser towards you site
  • but, I want my site to point to How do I register a domain?
  • creating a second page
  • linking to the second page, the tag and tag attributes
  • global links and local links
  • let’s add an image: the tag